National Project Implementation Unit

(A Unit of MHRD, Govt of India for Implementation of World Bank Assisted Projects in Technical Education)



S.No. KITs at Program Coordinators Email ID Weblink
1 IIT Bombay Prof. Vikram M. Gadre
Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Prof Sachin C Patwardhan
2 IIT Gandhinagar Prof. Amit Prashant
Dean Academic Affairs
3 IIT Guwahati Dr Sunil Khijwania
Professor, Department of Physics
Head, Center for Educational Technology
4 IIT Hyderabad Dr. Suhash Ranjan Dey
Associate Professor
Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
5 IIT Indore Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary
Associate Professor & Head
Discipline of Civil Engineering
will be available soon
6 IIT Kanpur Prof. C S Upadhyay
Department of Aerospace Engineering
7 IIT Kharagpur Prof. Adrijit Goswami
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
8 IIT Madras Prof Akhila Vijay Kumar
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
will be available soon
9 IIT Roorkee Prof. Pradeep Kumar
Department of Civil Engineering
will be available soon
10 IIT Delhi Prof. Mahim Sagar
Department of Management Studies

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