National Project Implementation Unit

(A Unit of MHRD, Govt of India for Implementation of World Bank Assisted Projects in Technical Education)

Planned Project Activities

  1. Improving Quality of Education in Participating Institutions
    1. Strengthening Participating Institutions with a view to improve learning outcomes and employability of graduates, and scale-up post-graduate education, demand-driven research and development and innovation, through:
      • faculty and staff development;
      • enhancing interaction with the industrial sectors;
      • improving institutional governance, and management and administrative practices that are conducive to academic autonomy;
      • implementing relevant institutional reforms;
      • improving teaching, training and learning facilities;
      • providing academic support to weak students;
      • increasing enrolment in post-graduate programmes, and enhancing research and consultancy activities;
      • modernizing libraries and other means to access knowledge resources;
      • enhancing research and development;
      • developing research interest among under-graduate and post-graduate students;
      • sharing resources through collaborative arrangements;
      • modernizing and expanding laboratories; and
      • establishing inter-disciplinary centers of excellence that conduct applicable thematic research and development in collaboration with industry and other knowledge users, converting research results into applicable technologies and projects, and enhancing collaborative activities with national and international institutions.
    2. Faculty development for effective teaching through the provision of pedagogical training to faculty.

  2. Improving Education System Management
    1. Strengthening the education sector's capacity through:
      • the establishment of quality assurance practices and the promotion of effective governance in Participating States;
      • the establishment of a Task Force responsible for strategic planning of technical education in Participating States;
      • the establishment of curriculum development cells and the enhancement of management practices in universities;
      • affiliating the Project institutions;
      • the sharing of best practices with non-Participating Institutions; and
      • organizing professional development programmes for policy planners and administrators.
    2. Improving the education system management, monitoring and evaluation capacity of Participating States and Participating Institutions through:
      • the establishment and operation of Project management units at the National and State levels;
      • the establishment of an education management information system;
      • carrying out stakeholder satisfaction surveys, performance and fiduciary audits, and impact assessment studies, and
      • carrying out implementation and impact reviews.

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