National Project Implementation Unit

(A Unit of MHRD, Govt of India for Implementation of World Bank Assisted Projects in Technical Education)

Documents of TEQIP-I

Sl. No. Title PDF Zip
1. National Report on Utilization of Institutional Resources
2. Impact Evaluation of TEQIP Phase - I
3. Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICRR) - NPIU
4. Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICRR) - WORLD BANK
5. 10thJoint Review Report
6. 10thJRM Aide-Memorie
7. Implementation Survey
8. Accreditation Brief
9. Project Description and Guidelines
10. Guidelines on Implementation of Reforms
11. Creating and Enabling Environment for Promoting Excellence Administrative & Procedural Reforms
12. Working Document for States and Institutions
13. Project Implementation Plan (PIP)
14. Project Appraisal Document (PAD)
15. Tribal Development Plan (TDP)
16. Financial Management Manual
17. Project Agreement
18. Development Credit Agreement
19. Finance Procedure Presentation Reimbursement Procedure
20. Guidelines for preparation of Institutional Proposal
21. Concise Institutional Proposal - First Cycle & Second Cycle
22. Sample Document for Civil Works. Approved by the World Bank :
Part - I : NCB; Part - II : Price Bid
23. Letter regarding World Bank
Procurement norms to be followed by Institutions / NITs

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